How to Apply for the Arkwright Scholarship 2024

Arkwright Scholarship

Applications for the Arkwright Trust Engineering Scholarship 2024 are now being accepted from talented 16-year-olds who want to study in the UK and pursue a career in engineering.


Academically gifted 16-year-olds who want to work in engineering are awarded Arkwright Engineering scholarships by the Smallpeice Trust every year.

As a result, while the application period is still open, qualified students are encouraged to apply.


Everything you need to know about the Arkwright Trust Engineering Scholarship 2024 is available here.


This includes details about the scholarship amount, eligibility, deadline, host and eligible nationalities, level and subject of study, and how to apply.

About Arkwright Scholarship

Arkwright Scholarship

The UK’s most distinguished award of its sort is the Arkwright Engineering Prize. Its goal is to inspire and motivate students to lead the nation’s engineering industry in the future.

High-achieving 16-year-old students who complete a demanding selection process are given scholarships.

These selected students are then given help for the two years of A levels, Scottish Advanced Highers, or comparable qualifications.

Students at Arkwright get assistance through several channels, with various organizations sponsoring each scholarship.

A for-profit business, trade association, college, professional organization, military service, government agency, respectable business, charitable trust, or individual donor provides these sponsorships.

Support for Arkwright scholars comes in several forms, including hands-on work experience, assistance with curriculum projects, and individual mentoring for academic and career planning.

Students can become future leaders in engineering, computers, and technological design with the aid of Arkwright Engineering scholarships.

  • Nationally respected scholarship.
  • £600 personal financial award.
  • £400 School Financial Award.

Personal development opportunities include sponsor support and industry-specific engineering experience days.

University-based VIP receptions

Early notification of national tournaments.

Meet other students who share your interests.

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Arkwright Trust Engineering Scholarships 2024 Eligibility

Arkwright is looking for “the brightest and best students with the passion and determination to succeed in their future studies and careers.”

You have to fulfill the following requirements to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • Attend a college or institution connected to the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships.
  • Be ready for the GCSEs, Scottish National 5s, IB Standards, BTEC level 2s, or equivalent exams and be in year 11 (England and Wales), S4 (Scotland), or year 12 (Northern Ireland).
  • possess a strong desire to work in engineering, particularly technological design and computing.
  • Additionally, you should be enrolled in the same academic year as your GCSE, Scottish National 5s, International Baccalaureate Standards, BTEC level 2s, or comparable exams, if any.
  • Commit to studying mathematics at the Advanced Higher (Scotland) or A level (England, Wales, and Northern Ireland).
  • To study A levels, BTEC level 3 Diploma/Extended Diploma, Scottish Advanced Highers, or the International Baccalaureate higher level, schedule a two-year stay in a school or sixth form college.

How to Apply for Scholarships at Arkwright

Before applying for a scholarship, a candidate’s school must be associated with the Arkwright Scholarships Trust.

Ask your teacher to complete the school affiliation form if there aren’t any. Moreover, joining is free, simple, and fast.

You must also apply as an applicant in years 12 (Northern Ireland), 11 (England and Wales), and year S4 (Scotland).

But once you enroll in year 12 (England and Wales), year 13 (Northern Ireland), or S5 (Scotland) to study subjects that will get you ready for a university degree or advanced apprenticeship and a career in engineering, computer, or technical design, the scholarship will be given.

Nevertheless, to cover the cost of Arkwright’s stringent screening procedure, a £40.00 administration fee must be paid by April for each student’s application.

The applicant’s parents or school may make local arrangements to pay these fees; Arkwright Scholarships does not influence these arrangements. Teachers also need to determine the best way to pay these costs.

Take the SAT to be eligible for the Arkwright Scholarship

The method utilized to evaluate your creative problem-solving skills is a written exam. There will be two hours for the Student Aptitude Test.

There will be two sections on the question paper: A and B. Section A poses a single engineering challenge and requests three possible answers.

You are asked to provide a single, unique, and inventive explanation for a more focused, thoroughly covered engineering topic in Section B.

The interview process started if you passed the Student Aptitude Test. A selection of over 660 students was made for interviews.

The main question you will be asked in the interview is about your project, which you have detailed in your application.

Procedure for Selection

There are five steps in the Arkwright Trust Engineering Scholarship selection process:

Step 1: Apply online for students at Arkwright.

A teacher authorized a student’s online application between September and December.

Online Request

Step 2: Student Aptitude Exam.

In February, a two-hour student aptitude test is scheduled.

Step 3: Interview with Arkwright

In April and May, those who make it through stages 1 and 2 will have a 20-minute interview at a university.

Step 4: Arkwright Assisting

They will try to link you with a sponsoring organization if you meet the Arkwright Standard, which will enable them to give you an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship between May and September.

Step 5: Arkwright Awards Presentation

In October or November, the scholarship is given away at significant award events in Edinburgh and London.

It is important to emphasize that every application must include evidence of your practical skills, which can be demonstrated by working on technical projects at home or in school.

Application Timeline

Applications typically close in December, after opening in September. But these are the crucial dates for the 2024 Arkwright Scholarship:


The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship: What is it?

In the UK, the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is the most well-known program of its sort. Its goal is to encourage and inspire school-age children to pursue careers as future leaders in the nation’s engineering industry.

When is the Arkwright Scholarship application deadline?

Remarkable students can apply for Arkwright Scholarships in year 11 (England and Wales), year 12 (Northern Ireland), or year 4 (Scotland).

When do students have to apply?

Applicants must be students between the ages of 15 and 16 who are presently finishing all or most of their GCSEs or Scottish National 5s.

This corresponds to year 12 in Northern Ireland, S4 in Scotland, and year 11 in England and Wales in many cases.

When are students able to submit an online application?

Each academic year, the possibility for online student applications opens in September and closes in December. The actual dates, however, vary every year by a large amount.

What is the price of a student application?

£40 was spent on each student’s application.

How may the application fee be paid?

All applications that the teacher has authorized are invoiced and sent to the school for payment. But schools have the right to ask parents to cover the expenses.


You should be able to apply for the Arkwright Trust Engineering scholarship right now if you attentively read this page.

You can finish your undergraduate studies as an engineering student in the UK with the assistance of this scholarship program.

Thus, we suggest that you make the most of this chance to assist in defraying the expense of your studies in the UK.

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