Ted Rogers Scholarship, Eligibility, Application and Deadline


The Ted Rogers Scholarships program, established in 2017 by Rogers Communications, aims to empower young Canadians by providing financial assistance to pursue post-secondary education. It honors the legacy of Ted Rogers, a prominent Canadian businessman and philanthropist who believed in the importance of education and opportunity for all. 


Today, we will explore the eligibility criteria, the application process, and the conditions you should be aware of as you apply for the Red Rogers Scholarship! 

Ted Rogers Scholarship Overview 

The Ted Rogers Scholarships encompass three distinct programs, each catering to specific needs and academic levels:


Ted Rogers Future Leader Scholarship 

This prestigious scholarship awards high-achieving high school graduates $6,700 annually for up to four years, covering the average tuition costs at partner universities. It targets students who demonstrate exceptional academic merit, leadership potential, and community engagement.

Ted Rogers Entrance Scholarship 


Ted Rogers Entrance Scholarship is open to individuals starting their first bachelor’s degree, diploma, or trade program, this scholarship provides a one-time award of $1,000. It aims to ease the financial burden of transitioning into post-secondary education for eligible students across Canada.

Ted Rogers Community Scholarship

Ted Rogers Community Scholarship is awarded through partnerships with community organizations, this scholarship offers $2,500 annually for up to four years, supporting students demonstrating financial need and community involvement. It focuses on empowering individuals facing socio-economic challenges to pursue their educational goals.

Eligibility Criteria 

Each Ted Rogers Scholarship program has specific eligibility requirements. Here’s a brief overview:

Ted Rogers Future Leader Scholarship

  • Applicants must be a citizen of Canada or permanent resident (Age 25 or younger) 
  • Applicants must have graduated from high school 
  • Applicants must showcase a strong excellent academic record (minimum 85% average)
  • Applicants must demonstrate leadership qualities and community involvement
  • Applicants must be attending a participating university

Ted Rogers Entrance Scholarship

  • Applicants must be a citizen of Canada citizen or permanent resident (Age 25 or younger) 
  • Applicants must entering a first bachelor’s degree, diploma, or trade program
  • Applicants must have a minimum cumulative average of 70% (or equivalent)
  • Preference given to equity-deserving groups

Ted Rogers Community Scholarship

  • Candidates must be nominated by a community partner organization
  • Candidates must demonstrate financial need
  • Candidates must possess strong commitment to community involvement
  • Candidates must be pursuing post-secondary education

How to Apply for Ted Rogers Scholarship 

Here’s a step guide on how to apply for Ted Rogers Scholarship: 

  • Carefully read the specific requirements and eligibility criteria for each scholarship on the Rogers website.
  • Select the scholarship that best aligns with your academic goals and qualifications.
  • Register on the Scholarship Partners Canada (SPC) portal, the organization managing the applications.
  • Provide accurate and detailed information about your academic background, achievements, goals, and financial need.
  • Submit required documents like transcripts, letters of recommendation, proof of residency, and program acceptance letter (if applicable).
  • Ensure all information and documents are uploaded correctly before submitting the application by the deadline.
  • Regularly check your application status and update any information if needed.

Additional Tips

  • Gather required documents and draft your essays well in advance to ensure a strong application.
  • Showcase your academic performance, extracurricular involvement, leadership skills, and community contributions.
  • Write a compelling essay that demonstrates your passion for your chosen field and aligns with the scholarship’s values.
  • Ensure your application is free of errors and typos to make a positive impression.
  • Late applications will not be considered so, ensure to submit your application early enough. 

Unfortunately, applications for the Ted Rogers Scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year have already closed. The application deadlines were: Ted Rogers Future Leader Scholarship (November 15, 2023) and Ted Rogers Entrance Scholarship (February 1, 2024). 

Selection Process 

The selection process usually begins with your application meeting all the basic eligibility requirements, such as Canadian citizenship, age limitations, and full-time enrolment status. If you clear this hurdle, your application moves forward for further evaluation.

A committee of independent experts, often composed of academics and community leaders, takes over. They meticulously review each application based on pre-defined criteria established by the scholarship program.

Each application receives a score based on various factors, including academic achievements, the quality of your essay, your involvement in extracurricular activities, demonstrated financial need, and how well your chosen program aligns with the scholarship’s focus. These scores are then used to rank the applicants.

Meanwhile, based on the rankings and considering additional factors like diversity and commitment to the scholarship’s values, the committee selects the final recipients. While financial need plays a role, it’s important to remember that outstanding qualifications and a strong application are crucial for standing out.


Citizenship/Residency  Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
Age  Typically, you must be 25 years old or younger at the application deadline.
Enrollment  Must be enrolled in or planning to enroll in full-time studies at an accredited institution in Canada.
Previous Awards  You may not be eligible if you’ve previously received a Ted Rogers Scholarship.
Employments  Some scholarships may restrict eligibility for employees (or family members) of Rogers Communications or partner organizations.
Program Restrictions  Certain scholarships might have specific program requirements, like enrolling in a technology-related program (Future Leader Scholarship) or entering your first year of post-secondary studies (Entrance Scholarship).
Academic Performance  You might need to maintain a minimum GPA to keep receiving the scholarship.
Continued Enrollment  You must remain enrolled in full-time studies throughout the scholarship period.
Reporting Requirements You may need to submit academic progress reports or other documentation to maintain eligibility.

Wrap Up 

The Ted Rogers Scholarships offer a powerful platform for aspiring students to pursue their academic dreams. By understanding the different programs, their eligibility criteria, and application processes, you can navigate this opportunity strategically and increase your chances of success. However, commitment, dedication, and a strong application can pave the way to secure this scholarship and invest in your bright future.


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